Wearing Fake Brand Shoes To Go Shopping, Men Change The Real Name Brand

- Sep 21, 2018-

Suspected that his shoes are not famous brands, men wore counterfeit sneakers to the counter of the mall, "the raccoon cat changed the prince", replaced the real brand shoes in the mall, was found on the spot by the counter staff and reported to the police. At present, the man has been administratively detained by Zhangdian police.

On September 16, Zhangdian Public Security Bureau received an alarm call from a staff member of a sports brand counter on Jinjing Avenue, saying that someone had stolen something and the police on duty immediately rushed to the scene. The police learned that the man Guo went to the mall to buy shoes, in the process of trying shoes, put a pair of 799 yuan worth of sports shoes out of the store. After the clerk found out, Guo claimed: "The lighting in the store is dim, I just wear shoes to the bright spot of the mall corridor to see the color of the shoes."

The police checked the monitoring at the time of the store and found that Guo kept trying on it. There were several pairs of new shoes around. When the clerk Xiao Zhou went to the storage room to find shoes, Guo quickly put on a pair of new shoes and put his own The old shoes are placed in an empty shoe box, covered with a shoe box cover, mixed into a pile of shoe boxes on the ground, and then hurriedly left the counter, and the head does not go straight to the elevator.

Facing the iron facts, Guo finally admitted that he used fake sports shoes to exchange the sneakers of the mall counters. It turned out that Guo bought a pair of fake sports shoes from the Internet. After receiving the shoes, Guomou looked more and more dissatisfied, and he had the idea of "a civet cat for the prince" for a pair of real brand shoes. .

At present, Guo has been administratively detained by Zhangdian police for theft.

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